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COFO, the brand

Cofo is a hospitality startup that helps people to discovers great food,which looks to bring a product in the space of large size movable carts.

They wnated appearing more frequently outside of probably any door they walk out of.

Enabling quick service restaurant to become truly lovable .

Container Food | Hospitality

Branding and visual design for an emerging food chain startup that helps Indian to express the love toward their food.


Inspire India having quality food .

India is a highly populous, rapidly developing country, having a great variety of food and we have quite a large range of spices admixed with food, giving a unique taste to every food item.

It leads a lot of People to have love with Indian food. Cofo helps in people to explore great food around their neighbourhood.

The Challange .

The E-commerce landscape in India is highly competitive and standing out with a unique identity can help establish the right brand presence. The branding which ensures the brand identity which reflect the essence of COFO, which have movable Container carts.

Designing the icon .

The identity starts with a ‘Ship Container’

the logo idea inspiration is started as a Ship container. Much of the beauty of this earth is because of greenery and the plants. As a human being we love to live near nature. The logo show the bond and the connection between man and nature, which consist of 2 colours ‘Blue’ and ‘Green’ the colour of earth when merged togethe

Trying to combine different elements and exploring ways to depict the conceptual ideas.

Logo Colours .

Cyber Yellow




Gray X11 





Cofo font has been derived from Roboto. It has a mechanical skeleton, and the forms are largely geometric. This makes roboto a more natural reading rhythm more commonly found in humanist.




/See Also .

We rebranded AngoothePe to stand with their vision - "Angootha is the way forward." All the design elements come together to form a brand story to which their users will relate.

The logo .

Moodboard for COFO .

Tasty food that tucked everyone’s heart into one string. Food aromas that attract you to follow the magical recipes of the chief with beautiful garnishing dishes to your table are covered across the board.

The world has evolved really quickly, and restaurants have good potential to keep up with the quick services. People prefer quick and convenient cuisine.

Brand Typeface .

The Responsive Mark .

Color can evoke emotions and trigger its own association with a brand, to express the COFO of a QSR brand, we choose to build a brand color scheme that reflects the color psychology, which helps to showcase colors. We use yellow as a primary color which evokes happiness and can also be attention grabbing. Orange is the most associated color which makes people feel hungry. Grey, which plays as a neutral color helps to differentiate between the primary colors. Sometimes it chooses to avoid attention.

Define sizes of responsive mark

A responsive mark helps to ensure and maintain brand identity regardless of where customers interact with your company and regardless of the screen or device, it’s being viewed on. COFO have multiple product packages, so responsive marks can make it easy for customers to find the product they're looking for. This can help them avoid confusion and frustration when trying to find what they need. There is an example of the COFO logo.

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