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What is estore

Estore is entrepreneurly's initiative create a marketplace where startups and businesses can benefit from each others product. 

Can I list my product?

Yes you can! We are always looking to expand our portfolio of offerings!

How it helps?

Saves you time and money and lets you focus on scaling your business.  With startups and businesses looking to test their product, these initial offerings are often really helpful and budget friendly.

Tools and Kits for every business

Have any questions? We have them covered!

How do I get the documents?

Once you go on the checkout page, you have to enter your email ID and Phone Number and other details (This will create your new account) proceed with Checkout and you will get a download link on the last page of checkout. You can come back to this website and redownload the file if required, Remember the user-ID and Password you used to create the account.

How do I get the HR Toolkit?

Once you make the payment you get logged in to your dashboard. You can download HR documents by clicking on the document’s name and these documents will be with you for a lifetime.

Can I see a few sample documents?

Yes, Just click on this link to download sample files

Are these documents as per the Indian government standards and law?

All our documents are as per standards. They are as per the Indian employment laws and guidelines.

Will I also get Covid-19 documents when I buy the HR Toolkit?

Absolutely yes, You will get 25 + Covid-19 documents & 20+ Safety Signages to make your workplace safe.

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