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We are Industry and Stage-agnostic investor detectives. Our diverse network is always looking for companies trying to change the world.


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Preparing documents, such as a pitch deck, and applying for funding are two of the essential steps in getting your business off the ground. You must ensure that all the necessary documents are in order. That includes a pitch deck that outlines your company’s objectives, target markets, and projected growth. You should also provide financial projections to show that your company can and will be successful in future.

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We are here to help you get the funding you need to make your dreams come true. Join us and let us know what you need to achieve your goals.


Get funding ready

A three-hour pitch will be where we sit down and create a compelling story and answer all the tough questions that an investor could have.

Mock pitch


After the mock pitch, we will provide feedback on what could be improved and taken further. You’ll also receive helpful tips on how to best respond to questions from potential investors.


Connect with investors

We follow a Speedy and Streamlined fundraising process that facilitates quicker fundraising with multiple meetings with the right set of strategic investors from our network of Funds

Meeting investors

Deal negotiation & Due diligence 

Once the term sheet is received from the investor and help the founders with negotiations considering floor and cap valuations, dilution, security, mode etc. 


Post funding support

Once funding has been secured, there are a number of steps that must be taken to ensure legal compliance. This includes filing the necessary capital formation and disclosure documents as per the Companies Act, SEBI guidelines and various other regulations, as well as the issuance of reports and certificates and reporting to authority.

Legal support and documentation 

Investor relations

We provide Complete post Funding Guidance and consulting support to our portfolio companies including maintaining investor relations, financial reporting, milestone tracking and Fund deployment  

It’s more than just a connect ...

Mock Sessions

Enriching your theoretical knowledge as well as your practical knowledge by hosting various reviews session to empower your pitch.


Evaluate your pitch and identify the missing gaps. Get Feedback from our experts help you to analyse strengths and weakness of your idea.


Helping you with validation, deal structure negotiation and legal support.

Get Connected in 3 simple steps .

What is Entrepreneurly and what kind of network do we have?

We aim to not only connect start-ups with serious investors who mean business but also provide mentorship in critical business aspects. This platform aims to leverage and apply the distributed knowledge of the members, in a collective manner, to a given investment opportunity without the need of intermediaries in deal sourcing, evaluating, and investing in Startups.

What is the Fee structure?

We intend to bring the expertise that is usually provided at the level of VC/PE stage to an early stage company. In terms of guiding the startup, and taking interest in the way it is moving, we will "act" as a large fund with the ability to guide and help in the area requested by the start-up. However, we do not seek to interfere in the decision making of the start-up.

How does Entrepreneurly help startups post fund raise?

Yes. Our average entre portfolio company is typically raising $250K to $500K in funding either before or while starting the program, some as much as $1M. Since our value add is primarily operational and not merely financial, the more important question for entrepreneurs to answer is whether they believe entre can help accelerate the growth of their businesses, operating metrics, and fundraising -- thus making the company significantly more valuable after the program.

I have more questions. How can i get in touch with entrepreneurly india team?

 To contact the entre team and/or stay up-to-date on the latest happenings, you can:

What will you get ?

Get a dedicated deal advisor

Access to top active investors from around the globe

Organized investment process

Engage experts for the documentation, due diligence & valuation for your startup

Maintain your startup profile online and even share on social media platforms

Regular updates shared with investors on real-time basis

Get mentorship and support from the industry leaders

Get expert investment advisory and regular feedbacks to improve pitch and business model

Ensure confidentiality of your business information and intellectual property.


Frequently asked questions .

Frequently asked questions .

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