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Helping urban population, Discovers good greenery .

My Green Buddy | E-commerce

Branding and visual design for an emerging E-commerce startup that helps Indian urban population adapting greenary with right plants and tecnhology.


Inspire India having indoor greenery .

India is a highly populous, rapidly developing country, with 34% of its population living in urban regions. So many people is adapting greenery quite fast, but it often difficult for them to discovers the right plants, right techniques for their home level.They often live in smaller or vertical dwelling areas with only access to the greenery in community parks and pathways.

It leads a lot of People to have greenery in their indoor spaces.This fast growing Indian urban population needs a brand which reflects their mindset toward having own great greenery in their living premises.

The Challange .

The E-commerce landscape in India is highly competitive and standing out with a unique identity can help establish the right brand presence. The branding which truely reflects the mother earth and show nature is a integral part of our life. the visuals had to showcase the mindset which generate a plants as a community and help people to built their own good green spaces.

Designing the Mark .

MGB, the brand

MGB is a e-commerce startup that helps people to discovers great plants, herbs, shurbs and creppers, they give services as well as helping them to nurturing the plant to growth healthy by providing tools, gardening equipments, seeds, fertilizers and etc, all this is enable with help of partner nuseries.

They give option where customer not only buys through their platform but also visit the nusery and select plants by themselve.

The identity starts with a ‘Mother Earth’

Much of the beauty of this earth is because of greenery and the plants. As a human being we love to live near nature. The logo show the bond and the connection between man and nature, which consist of 2 colours ‘Blue’ and ‘Green’ the colour of earth when merged togethe

Trying to combine different elements and exploring ways to depict the conptual ideas.

Logo Colours .

Mantis Green


Deep Sky Blue


Olive Green


Light Grayish Green


Baker’s Chocolate


Colours are powerful elements that drive our decision-making. MGB as a brand wants to cultivate a strong emotional connection between our customers and nature. To cultivate the story of MGB and help our clientele connect, we use colours that are loved by everyone and that represent mother nature, and green evokes your love for nature. Blue represents our soothing water bodies, and brown represents soil or other earthy materials.


The font style has an impact on the viewer's thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Euroference is used for MGB branding because it features a curved font type in the alphabet that blends with natural organic patterns.




/See Also .

With this logo, the brand can easily popularise its unique concept even when their customers order food online and may not visit the cafe. Orange and yellow are selected as they are impactful and induce hunger.

The new MGB identity .

Use case scenerio .

Logo with different background colors .

The Responive Mark .

Define sizes of responsive mark

A responsive mark helps to ensure and maintain brand identity regardless of where customers interact with your company and regardless of the screen or device, it’s being viewed on. MGB have multiple product packages, so responsive marks can make it easy for customers to find the product they're looking for. This can help them avoid confusion and frustration when trying to find what they need. There is an example of the MGB logo.

Brand Typeface .

Font use case .

Physical shop



Emotions we wanted to evoke .



Green & Fresh

Moodboard for MGB .

Our beautiful planet is filled with various wonderful elements i.e greenery, soil, water, etc that blend and fill our lives with joy.

The collection of images helps to represent how some nature elements enhance the livelihood and freshness of the space.

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