What is a partnership firm?

A general partnership consists of partners who take part in the day-to-day procedures/activity of the partnership are who have liability as owners.There may also be limited partners. It may be further divided into :

a. Partnership at will

b. Particular Partnership


A partnership firm is best for those who want to set up small businesses and plan to remain small as it involves low costs, ease of setting up and minimal compliance requirements.

All the persons who have entered into are individually are called partners and collectively known as Firm. But a Partnership firm does not have a separate legal identity.

Registration of Partnership is not necessary. If any partner wants to sue another partner for the Acts done by him in near future then it has to be registered or if the partnership firm wants to bring any suit to court, the firm should be registered.

Partnership is the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits and losses of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all.

Minimum number of partners is 2 and maximum number of partners is 10 in case of Banking and 20 in case of other businesses

Partnership deed is a written agreement between the partners of the firm that includes in it the Profit/Loss sharing ratio among the partners; Rights Duties; duration of the partnership; the rate of interest charged on share capital; Maximum Amount for drawing on each Partner etc


Arrange basic documents of Partners

Decide on Firm's name and search availability

We will prepare partnership deed and other legal documents

Name registration and filing of documents under Form 1 of Partnership Act

Get Partnership registration Certificate

list of documents

  • Form 1 (Application for Registration under Partnership Act)

  • Original Copy of Partnership Agreement/ Deed signed by all partner and duly stamped

  • PAN card of partners

  • Aadhar card of partners

  • Affidavit declaring intention to become a partner

  • Rent agreement of property as may be applicable

you will get

Partnership Deed

 TAN/TDS Number

Bank Account Opening Document Support

Registration Certificate

Guidance   on   Business Model

Domain Name for 1 year + Website + 25 Email Ids for 1 year

Partners' PAN Card

GST Registration of firm

       Online Accounting         for 

    1 year

Dedicated Service Manager

Income Tax return filing of Firm and partners


Our experts register your Partnership firm and also help you in all matters of registration. Starting from Selecting a Name for your association, searching availability of the name you have chosen, designing your logo, providing trademark registration of your brand name and free consultancy on any matter related to your firm registration and business model.Firm Registration is just the first step of your journey with us. We also provide Bookkeeping, Taxation, Annual Filing, GST Compliance services. We are a one stop shop for all your business related needs.

The Secret to getting ahead is getting started.



Starting from Selecting a Name of your Company, searching availability of the chosen name, Designing your logo, Providing Trademark Registration of your Brand name to tax registration and free consultancy for any matter related to your business incorporation. Company registration is just the first step in your entrepreneurial journey with us. We also provide other compliance services like bookkeeping, taxation, annual filing, ROC compliance etc. We are a one stop shop for all your business related needs. 

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