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Will This Sky-Reaching Accomplishment Of Skyroot Soon Break ISRO's Stronghold?

Skyroot Aerospace, a space tech firm based in Hyderabad, launched a space rocket on Friday, November 18, making history as the first private Indian company to do so. From Sriharikota's Satish Dhawan Space Centre, the start-up successfully launched its Vikram-S rocket.

The rocket successfully launched from Sriharikota into a darkening sky and is currently on its route to Earth's orbit. By the way, the initial launch window was set to take place between November 12 and 16, depending on the weather.

You may be acquainted with the Vikram S rocket. Are you familiar with its specifications? Skyroot has produced a capable start with its 3D-printed design, kilograms of weight, peak vacuum thrust of 71,000 kg, and a top speed of Mach 5.

According to Skyroot Aerospace -

  • "Vikram-S is powered by the solid-fuelled propulsion, cutting edge avionics and all carbon fibre core structure.

  • It is one of the world's first few all composite space launch vehicles, as per the company.

  • Vikram-S has 3D printed solid thrusters for spin stability.

  • The vehicle is equipped with telemetry, tracking, GPS, on-board camera, data, acquisition and power systems.

  • The length ofsix-meteret is six-metre and the mass is 545 kg.

  • As per the company, it is the quickest and most affordable ride to the space."

The business intends to launch several rockets bearing the name of its creator, Vikram Sarabhai.

But there is a question that leaves us in doubt. Is India planning to create a commercial space center?

The Indian government has been attempting to establish a commercial space sector as an addition to its public space program, which is famed for its inexpensive deployments and operations. It aims to grow its 2% industry position in the global commercial space business.

India has graced the skies by launching the rocket through a privately owned startup. It is expected to overcome more such barriers and establish new targets globally soon.

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