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Creating resumes that the HR can't ignore .

Ureify | Deeptech

A smart AI-powered tool that simplifies the strenuous process of job-hunting by helping aspirants build the perfect resumes that align with their dream job.

User Experience | Branding

The Brief .

Ureify is a smart resume builder and job browser that uses AI to review resumes in real-time based on experience, skill-set, and other information. The AI algorithm suggests phrases and keywords that make it the "perfect match" for the job one wants.

Our work with Ureify started with the conceptualization of their MVP. We worked with the founding team to understand their tech and went through multiple iterations to design an experience that is intuitive, simple, and clear to the user.

Are all the resumes same ?

Initially, we believed the users for Ureify to be all the aspirants trying to find a job. On further understanding, we realized that though the user base is wide, it can be divided easily into three groups: Freshers, Interns, and Professionals, with each group having its own set of requirements and having to be dealt with separately.

Choosing the right experience .

To manage all the data on a single digital screen, our team sat with team Ureify to go through multiple iterations to reach the option with maximum usability and minimum cognitive load. Using the editor as a popup made the tips and recommendations clearer for the user and improved the experience.

Design System .





Design .

Our team moved forward with the selected option to deliver a design that combines all the aspects of Ureify's intelligent model.

Using the editor as a popup allows users to focus on their content better while referring to Ureify’s smart suggestions individually for each section. It also gives them a cleaner screen where they can preview, format, and check the combined score for a complete resume. A clear preview also allows them to rearrange their sections using the drag-drop feature.


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Job Search

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