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Design system .

It's time to supercharge your influencer marketing .

Vhub | Deeptech

As the creator economy grows, a space has been created to make efficient, well functioning marketing tools that helps to understand audiences to stay ahead of your competitors and empower influencers by creating linkages with the right brands.

User Experience 

Analyze .

The shift from traditional marketing endorsement to new influencer marketing for products has become more prominent than ever.
V-hub is a one stop platform to track all your progress, manage campaigns, gain audience insights and follow up on the latest trend insight to capitalize on-the-moment.

Empathize .

We decided to focus on the two key stakeholders ie. Brands/Agencies and Influencers, understanding them to design a web-app that offers customized solutions to each group.


User flow .

Keeping all the pain points of both the users, we decided to keep the design minimal and straight forward.

This is what we focused on after our initial research, which included processing all the data, crunching some numbers, and staring at our beautifully dull ceiling.

Our challenge was to develop a simple and clean ui system that embodied the delightful product experience and international approach. Understanding that this product targets a global audience, we aimed for a flexible and creative solution.

/See also .

AngoothaPe wanted a website that resonates with their brand and becomes a guide for their customers and merchants. We offered a more user-specific experience on the same website.


While the influencers industry is vast and diverse, there are very few platforms that help them stay focused on creating, rather than having to self-analyze their audiences and competitors.

  • Unorganized Campaign Brief

  • Integrated growth track/ Analyzing account potential

  • Tracking Projects and deliverable


Color pallete

Brands & Agencies

With marketing making leaps in terms of methods, media and channels, it becomes important to understand that brands now have a plethora of ways to get visibility. While this seems good, the challenge now is to identify the right channel and influencer for your brand.

  • Unable to find the right Influencer

  • Influencer management for the campaign implementation

  • Unsure of the target audience for the campaigns