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Who are we ?

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We are India's first Unique single window solution for startups, Helping Indian startups with end to end support, incubation, acceleration & fundraising. We believe in growing our communities by sharing experiences, building meaningful connections & access to a pool of relevant business opportunities.

What is the Campus Ambassador program ?

The programme supports and develops the abilities necessary to advance your career. We want to support, reinforce, and develop a select group of students across India who will act as brand ambassadors, community specialists, and experts at their respective universities.

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What's in it for you ?

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Certificate of Excellence & Letter of recommendation


Amazon vouchers & other incentives

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Networking & connecting with startup founders & entrepreneurs.

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Startup Bash for the best performing team


Pre-placement offer & placement support in startups

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Access to a large network of startups, incubators, angel investors, venture capital firms.

You should join if you

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Are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem

Are passionate & experienced in event hosting & management

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Have Good social & communication skills

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Have relevant social media following

Have the ability to think out of the box 

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What will you do?

Content Creators 

  • Create content that is relevant to the student body.

  • Participate in creative collaborations for brand campaigns.

  • Understand and study social media to identify and execute innovative trends

  • Create and implement hyper-local campus marketing initiatives for your entire network.


  • Product design & Development.

  • Create unique experiences for the Entrepreneurly Student Community by innovating and coming up with new solutions.

  • Identify and promote long-term student associations with Entrepreneurly.

  • Organizing startup funding events and programs.

  • Analyzing business and data, interpreting it.

  • Designing new products and developing them.


  • Create and manage your own team in the university.

  • Facilitate the growth of Entrepreneurly Discord Community.

  • Come up with creative solutions to expand the Entrepreneurly community.

  • Create unique experiences for the Entrepreneurly Student Community by innovating and coming up with new solutions.

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