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Terms and Conditions For Whatsapp Groups

An open community for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Co-founders, Freelancers, Content curators, Wannapreneurs, service providers, Industry experts to connect and share their asks and offer their solutions on a free-flowing interactive platform.

Don't forget to introduce yourself upon joining the group. We would love to get to know you

Rules and Regulations

Don't forget to add details in following form for everyone to quickly get to know you:


Professional Details

Your journey so far

A bit about your company and field of expertise

What help you can offer to other members of the community

Kindly make a note of the following community rules before getting started.


1. Start your Journey by Introducing yourself (hashtag: #entrepreneurlyintro)

2. You can Seek Connections: (hashtag: #entrepreneurlyconnect)

2.1. Partner/Investor/Mentor/Consultant.

2.2. Freelancer/Service Company.

2.3. Any kind of Connection which helps you grow your business.

3. You can Seek and Share Opportunities:

3.1. Job/Internship/Team.

3.2. Relevant Programs/Courses/Scholarships/Initiatives.

3.3. Relevant Events/Meetups/Conferences (Only once in one week)

3.4. Collab/Partnership opportunities.

3.5 Seek Early adopters/Testers/Beta users.

4. You can share about your Personal, Professional and Startup Achievements.

5. Feel free to share if any kind of URGENT help is required.

6. Initiate discussion for an offline meetup.



1. Cannot Message group members directly without their permission or referral.

2. Post with the same content cannot be shared more than once in a week.

3. Any kind of post apart from the above-mentioned posts is not allowed.

4. Random images/videos/links/broadcasts/forwards NOT ALLOWED.

5 Discussions around politics/sex/religion/love any other thing which might hurt other entrepreneurs is NOT ALLOWED.

6 Any kind of marketing/promotional posts is NOT ALLOWED.

7 Foul language/obscene pictures trying to disrupt the culture: Straightaway BLOCKED.

NOTE: First time WARNING and second time REMOVAL for any of the DONTS.

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