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The first step in finding the right funding solution for your business is understanding what’s available to you. That’s what this guide is here for. We’ll explain everything you need to know about small business funding including when to start looking for financing, the difference between equity and debt financing, and some of the top options from traditional small business loans to more creative funding solutions, like crowdsourcing.


There are multiple sources of funding available for startups. However, the source of funding should typically match the stage of operations of the startup. Please note that raising funds from external sources is a time-consuming process and can easily take over 6 months to convert.

Pre-Seed Stage

This the stage where you, the entrepreneur, has an idea and are working on bringing it to life. At this stage, the amount of funds needed is usually small.

Validation/ Seed Stage

This is the stage where your startup has a prototype ready and you need to validate the potential demand for your startup’s product/service.

Early Traction / Series A Stage

This is the stage where your startup’s products or services have been launched in the market. Key performance indicators such as customer base, revenue etc. 

Scaling/ Series B & Above Stage 

At this stage, the startup is experiencing fast rate of market growth and increasing revenues. 

Initial Public Offering / Exit

Initial Public Offer (IPO) refers to the event where a startup lists on stock market for the first time.















Business Plan

Let us build a professional Business Plan for you. If you already have one, we can give it a makeover.

Pitch Deck

Killer Pitch Deck to articulate your value proposition best. If you already have one, we can give it a makeover.


We can also connect you to sources of investment and thereby give wings to your dreams.

Let's Take You Through The Process 

1. We Assess Funding Readiness

2. We Help You Refine Your Business & Revenue Model

3. We Help Prepare Investment Deck & Elevator Pitch

4. We Connect With Right Investors & Stake Holders

Let us help you choose right!
  • Can i change the plan after choosing one type of plan?
    Yes, you can re-submit the form with different plan and inform our executives either on Whatsapp or E-mail about change of plan. Or You can reach out to us directly on Whatsapp or E-mail asking for change of plan. Based on the plan chosen you shall be asked to provide additional documents and charges (if any).
  • What happens after i choose a plan?
    Once, you choose a plan: 1. You shall be asked to submit the relvant documents either on Whatsapp or E-mail as per your wish. 2. Once all the documents are received by us, you shall receive Tax computation along with payment link. You must confirm if your Tax comptation is all fine with you and provide Income tax website login credentials for filing your ITR. 3. Once you confirm your tax computation and make necessary payment according to the plan chosen, you shall receive final ITR.
  • What happens if I do not pay for the plan after i receive Tax Computation & payment link?
    In case if you have missed out making payment after confirming your tax computation, our executives shall reach out to you asking to make payment. In case, even after our executive reaching out to you if payment is not made, your ITR may not be processed and would be put on hold until payment for the same is made.
  • I do not understand few terms of the documents name mentioned here.
    We understand the list of documents could contain few terms which you may have not heard before, no need to worry we have got you covered. For any queries relating to anything related on the form you can reach us either by messaging us on Whatsapp or E-mail. We shall respond as early as possible.
  • What is the refund policy and how to make a request for refund?
    You can request for refund by sending us an E-mail at . However, please note the below refund policy: In case of any plan (including all the plans for filing ITR) chosen by you for filing of Income Tax Return (ITR), provision for refund under following situations shall include: (i) You have approved Tax computation received by us and payment has been made for the same: -ITR is processed by us - No refund will be provided; -ITR is not processed by us: 1) In case you have made double payment - Refund for that double payment shall be provided (provided if the same is reflected in our Bank account);​ 2) In any other case- No refund will be provided; (ii) Tax computation for your ITR is sent by us but not approved by you and payment has been made for the same - No refund shall be provided. ​ (iii) In any other case and payment has been made for the same: -Request for refund is placed within 24 hours from placing an order; -Before the date and time of Tax computation is processed and sent from our end; (whichever is earlier) ​ (iv) If You are unhappy with a service being sold on Our Website, You may request a refund: ​ We will make reimbursements for returns without undue delay, and not later than 30 days after the day we received your request for refund. ​ We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement.

Transforming How You Do Business

Focus on what matters!
Your product and clients!
Leave rest to us!

The traditional 9-to-5 schedule that Boomers and Gen Xers followed is on it's way out, along with the days of being restricted to a company network in one office. Today you want to start your business on your own terms, and want to focus on your customers. While tackling many agencies to get the job done has been the traditional norm, we are here to change it for once and all. Get everything done at one spot, plain and simple. No more finding the right team every single time for every single task! 

Starting a business has never been easier.

Get your Pitch Deck professionally designed to access the Best Investors.
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