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6 strategies to overcome COVID 19 impact for your business & economy.

1. People are currently not ready to buy which is not important. During this time build relationship by sharing awareness & success stories of your products/services.

2. Avoid meeting people, but start checking out your phone contact and recollect who does what businesses and how could you bring more value or create opportunities to work together?

3. Hold your mobile contact and recollect the conversation you had with the person while saving his/her contact. Most of the times these are the real people who comes for your support or help in businesses.

4. Learn new skills of using smart Apps to simplify your operations and learn new marketing techniques.

5. Lastly, spend time with your family. This is the time to earn costliest wealth in world ‘LOVE & HAPPINESS’ by being together.

6. If you have implemented all above 5 strategies, don't forget to tune in to Entrepreneurly India's Webinar series coming up really soon in the comfort if your homes. By attending our webinars, you can learn about how to boost your business as soon as COVID 19 ends & your business stays afloat without any expense.

Offices and schools will be sending people home to continue their duties in a work-from-home fashion. This means more webinars, conference calls, and digital events taking place of physical ones.


Submit your details here to attend our upcoming online website series. Details and link will be sent to you on WhatsApp/Email shortly.


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