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Lesser-known Women Entrepreneurs in India

Mehvish Mushtaq,


The first Kashmiri lady to build up an android application, Mehvish broke all cliché and innovative boundaries with her brainchild of a Kashmir-driven 'Business catalogue's same, Dial Kashmir. Furnishing clients with point by point data like locations, telephone numbers and email ids of different fundamental administrations and pertinent government divisions in Kashmir, her application has helped scores of individuals in the district by turning into a one-stop hotspot for data on medical care, schooling, transport, the police and different areas.

Pabiben Rabari,


The founder of one of the first ladies craftsman undertakings in the country, Pabiben Rabari remains as a genuine brand diplomat of the vivid Kutch locale. Aiming to grow the ancestral tradition of Rabari weaving, she joined a Rabari ladies gathering and turned up making special styles of weaving, including Hari Jari and Pabi Jari. Right now, her eponymous business situated in Kukadsar utilizes more than 60 ladies making in surplus of 25 plans, and her website is very well known across the world.

Thinlas Chorol,


The solitary Ladakhi lady to be prepared to work in the mountaineering field, Thinlas Chorol established the Ladakhi Women's Travel Company in 2009 to urge more ladies to take up voyaging and mountaineering, other than advancing ecotourism in Ladakh. The organization is Ladakh's first travel organization entirely possessed and worked by ladies with more than 30 working staff containing female aides, learner aides, watchmen and office staff.

Lakshmi Menon,


Established by ecopreneur, Lakshmi Menon, in 2012, Pure Living (Products Upcycled Recycled and Economized) offers an eco-accommodating option in contrast to plastic pens and wooden pencils that develop into trees when they are discarded. The endeavour has enabled the old and in an unexpected way abled ladies around there and goes through cycled paper squander from print machines to make the pens.

Chayaa Nanjappa,


Awarded the ‘National Best Entrepreneur Award’ in food processing by the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India in 2014, Mysuru’s Chayaa Nanjappa spearheads a rural enterprise that sources high-quality honey that is bought by people from as far as Europe and the United States. Today, Nectar Fresh, which produces monofloral honey, is one of the largest bulk suppliers and packers of honey in the country and provides a livelihood for not just illiterate communities in Mysore and Mandya districts, but also tribal communities across the state.


It is time we begin praising the women entrepreneurs in the country, who broke all boundaries by building up a platform for themselves in fields beforehand not forayed by ladies and have emerged as good examples for different ladies and young ladies.


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