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Annual Compliances for Startups in India

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

What are the annual compliances a Startup needs to manage?

The compliance need of any startup depends primarily on the nature of its business structure, product or service rendered by it etc. The general compliances can be listed as below:

-Preparation of books of accounts (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow statement)

-Payroll services

-Appointment of First Auditor

-Payment of periodic statutory dues & return filing (GST liability, Service Tax Liability, TDS & TCS payment)

-Filing of Tax and Audit Reports

-Ongoing Regulatory compliances under various corporate laws (Eg. Environment Protection Act, RBI Regulations, FEMA etc.

I need to hire employees. What are the regulatory compliances that come with hiring?

When an organization employees people, to regulate the working conditions, protection and promotion of employee rights etc. various regulations are imposed by authorities under various act. These include:

Shop & Commercial Establishments Act

Industrial Disputes Act

Gratuity Act

Employee State Insurance Act

Employee Provident Fund Act

Factory and Labour laws (if applicable)

Our Experts will help you assess the requirement for registrations under the various acts based on analysis of your case.

What aspects are covered under Human Resource Management?

Evaluating the needs of the work force

Finding the right person for the right job

Establishing an effective payroll system

Human resource development including performance appraisal, job training etc.

Issuing HR policies and Procedures

Employee Appraisal and training


We understand the needs of entrepreneurs in this country. Hence, we have partnered with service providers and professionals in the ecosystem to offer the best business and tax solutions for startups.


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