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How to design your website for a better UI/UX

With the advent of digital transformation happening during COVID era, there's no lack of new websites. All of them trying to take offline businesses online but in the process of finding the cheapest solutions often many entrepreneurs overlook the most critical aspect of any website, the interface and user experience.

Most upcoming digipreneurs during development of the website don't consider that a new user on their website might not be familiar with the interface as they are. Since they know what buttons and features lie where, they assume new users would be too. Often a user has to explore and search a lot before finding a piece of information or buttons which should have been readily available with minimum clicks.

That's where UI/UX comes in the picture. A website needs to undergo a lot of user testing before it can be a polished product. First let us understand the difference between UI & UX.

although for many it may sound familiar they are quite different. while UI is centred around the website's look and feel, it is defined by the brand identity of the company. On the other hand UX centres around the user and their experience which navigating throughout the site.

Let's understand with a small example.

While the button might be coloured according to the branding guidelines, how quickly a user can find it, understand why it exists, and usage of it is defined by UX.

A correct flow of a website development should be

STEP 1 : Create a wireframe.

Develop how a user might navigate through the website, define buttons, links, pages and content placement.

STEP 2 : Doing user testing

A small testing often helps in understand how quickly users can find what they are looking for. If a user is stuck in making quick actions on the website, its time to revisit the STEP 1

STEP 3 : Revisit the STEP 1

trust me it's hard to get it right in the first go!

STEP 4 : Developing UI

Yes! Finally a term we wanted to read! At this step, we start developing the interface. UI can deal with traditional concepts like visual design elements such as colours and typography. It can also look at the functionality of screens or more unconventional systems like those that are voiced-based. While often it is advised to have minimal colors driven from branding and logo, but often goes as far as defining how the even mood of images used and style of illustrations.

STEP 5 : Developing UX

"The UX is the path through a product, escaping the screen and articulating the user’s journey and motivations, justifying why things are in the UI and even more importantly, why things are left out. The UI copes with constraints; the UX challenges them.”

  • Scott Jenson, Product Strategist at Google

As UX started to become a well-used term for brands, many people often mixed it with UI. But UX is the wireframe and UI paired together and then something more. A good UX is a flawless experience for users across the website. Whether it's about placing few products in the cart, or availing a service or finding support buttons! A good UX leaves nothing to find but everything to be available when a user needs it.

Once everything seems in order, get the website developed & launched. But you know what you can do to save time & money? Hire us for your next project and we promise to execute it flawlessly.


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