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  • Capital Gain Plan

Capital Gain Plan

₹2,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,499.00Sale Price

Filing your taxes are now easier and faster than ever before!


There are three plans-

  • Basic : Salary & Rental Income, Income from Sale of Stock, Mutual Funds or Property(Upto 10 Transactions)
  • Standard : Salary & Rental Income, Income from Sale of Stock, Mutual Funds or Property(Up to 50 Transactions)
  • Premium : Salary & Rental Income, Income from Sale of Stock, Mutual Funds or Property(Upto 200 Transactions)


Please note the following Instruction-


  • You may be asked to confirm your Name & E-mail ID for verification and for fast processing while submitting documents on Whatsapp.
  • Provide all the final documents on Whatsapp or E-mail.
  • Once all the documents are received we shall send you Tax Computation via same platform as you have provided the documents.
  • Our executives may contact you for clarifications or additional documents.
  • If you have chosen Pay later option, you shall receive payment link along with Tax Computation.
  • In order to file Income tax return we shall require your Income tax website User ID and Password (you can ignore this if you are filing ITR for the first time).
  • Once you approve Tax Computation, you shall receive your Final ITR.
    • Get answers to your tax or finance queries pertaining to
    • Salary & Other Income (PF, Pension, Interest, Rent)
    • Capital Gains from sale of shares/property
    • Foreign Assets/Income
    • Tax Savings and related investments
    • Income Tax Notices
    • Be guided on the right course of action
    • Plan excludes any GST or startup related queries
  • General Documents:

    • Scan copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card
    • Scan copy of Adhaar Card
    • Bank Statements of all the bank accounts

    2. Salary Income:

    • Form 16

    3. Other Income:

    • Fixed deposit Interest certificate (if any)
    • Interest certificate or statement of recurring deposits (if any)
    • Proofs for any other income not included above

    4. Additional deductions (not included in Form 16 and to be claimed through ITR)

    • Statement of Investment in mutual funds (if any)
    • Life insurance premium paid receipt (if any)
    • Bank certificate for Principal paid for house property loan (if any)
    • Tution fees payment receipt (if any)

    Proofs for deductions not included above