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A Virtual CFO isn't like the regular CFOs. They're the cool CFOs. Who are we kidding-they're pretty similar to regular CFOs, but they don't need a Ten-figure salary or fancy office. Having a VCFO is like having an accountant, company secretary, legal advisor and financial strategist wrapped up into one person. VCs help with compliance, financial forecasting, and budgeting. With their experience and knowledge, a VCFO can guide you through the rocky path in business, so that you don’t have to keep learning things the hard way.


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We begin with understanding your business objectives, goals, and the unique selling proposition of what you bring to the market. The immersion stage includes discussions with the founding team helping ensure that we understand you and your business well.

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On receiving the application, our team will evaluate your pitch deck and send back a feedback report highlighting the scope of improvement. If find synergy, we’ll schedule a mock pitch.
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[Link to “Blog - Common mistakes in pitch deck”]


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Our team will setup a mock pitch where you are going to pitch to the investors. This will help us understand the shortcomings send another report for improvement.
[Link to “Blog - How to prepare for your next pitch”]

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After the mock pitch, we’ll take two days to talk to our investors and check if we can add value to your startup. If we get promising feedback, we’ll approve your application and move further with the process.


Sign Mandate

After the approval, our team does the complete due diligence and takes one week to draft the mandate. Mandate is the legal document which states the duration, terms of engagement, fees.
[Link to “Blog - What to check when signing a mandate”]

Draft mandate

Sign the mandate

Once you review and sign the mandate, we take one week to complete your elevator deck and get in discussions with prospective investors.
[Link to “Webpage - Elevator deck”]