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Lease & Rent Agreement Document Checklist

A Rent agreement is a legal document that binds both the parties to their obligations and also provides rights to them. It gives the right of “occupying the property” to the tenant/lessee and the right to receive a mutually agreed “Rent” to the owner/lessor. In addition, mentioning different clauses or terms and conditions, after mutual agreement, eliminates any chance of dispute or disagreement at any point in time. Both the parties are at ease and are aware of their rights and limitations.

Lease & Rent Agreement Document Checklist

Excluding Taxes
  • Rent or Leave and Licence Agreement gives both the parties (landlord and tenant) legal rights.

    Registered Rent or Leave and Licence Agreement is as an address proof that is accepted by various organizations.

    The terms of the agreement set conditions on the occupant with respect to use of property, term, rent amount etc.

    • Address proof and identity proof of all the parties
    • Address proof and ownership proof (e.g. Index II, electricity bill etc.) of the premises to be rented or given on lease.
    • Passport size photograph of all the parties
    • Incorporation documents (for LLP, Pvt Ltd, Trust etc)

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